Our Materials

NIVI Woods

To help you decide which solid hardwood is right for you we listed a brief description of each below. Please note that all the hardwoods are solid timber and being entirely natural may vary to some degree.

American White Oak

Oak has a wonderful rustic appearance when laser cut and engraved. It is perhaps the most varied in terms of tone and grain from all our hardwoods. Please be prepared to accept the variation in this product. This of course is part of the charm of oak! The surface although sanded to a smooth finish will still show off the natural broad grain. When laser cut the natural resin in the timber does rise to the surface and is displayed as a darker flared effect around the engraving. The resin can have a slight tackiness upon touch but usually dries off within a couple of days. Recognised for its traditional values oak is being used more and more in a contemporary setting, and certainly remains the classic timber of choice.

American Hard Maple

Maple has a creamy white colour. The timber has a smooth surface showing off a gentle floral figuring. When engraved, the light colour of the timber is contrasted by a rustic flared effect around the engraved area. Maple is very consistent in appearance and is perhaps the hardest of all our timbers.

American Cherry

Cherry has a slight reddish brown pink colour to its smooth surface. The floral patterns of its grain 
make cherry a particularly beautiful timber. This timber engraves consistently and is ideal for detail work. Please note that cherry is a relatively small tree and can contain small knots and other natural markings.

American Black Walnut 

Walnut varies in colour from a pale brown to deep chocolaty brown. Currently in vogue with many 
designers walnut is a premium hardwood made elegant by its beautiful floral patterns. The laser 
engraved areas appear as a deep dark brown. Walnut would certainly make a stunning accompaniment to 
any special occasion.



We use only the best acrylic for our products with a variety of colours and thickness to choose from. Acrylic is versatile and can be laser cut and engraved. It is also safer than glass and therefore the best material to work with. It also comes in many finishes from solid to mirrored finishes.