When to send out save the dates

He asked “Will you marry me?” and you answered YES!
Congratulations on your engagement! This is the start of your wedding planning; there are so many questions and so many things to do. So what do you start with?

When should I send my save the dates?
Well, save the dates are the first things that you can send out. Is it necessary? That’s up to you, if you’re getting married in 6 to 8 months’ time or even in next year or two then let your friends and family know that important date. It’ll get them all excited and make sure that they don’t book anything else on that date. There is no excuse!

Save the date magnets v sending save the dates electronically – which is better?
Sending save the dates is easy by email or social messaging. However, a physical save the date magnet will remind your guests that special wedding date as it will be put on a fridge or on an office board. Remember, some people may forget after all those emails in their folder as they can’t physically see it and some might not have an email address.


Who should I send my save the dates to?
If you are inviting your guests with save the dates then you’re letting them know that they will be receiving an invitation closer to the date. One per household is fine but best to order a few more just in case you start to add more to the list. You might decide to invite some guests to the wedding in the day and some in the evening, that’s fine too. NIVI Design accommodates this request all the time for customers.

What should I include in my save the dates?
Save the dates can include a variety of information, whether it is save the date or save the evening, the date and especially the day if it’s not a Saturday or Sunday. If you have a website set up with your wedding details, add that too. You can add the venue name, but if you are unsure, just include invitation to follow so your guests know that they will receive a formal invitation closer to the time with all the finer details.

Should you have the destination on save the dates?
If you’ve found your venue and have the booked it in, there’s no reason why you can’t. To keep it simpler, let them know the date. If you have a destination wedding, let them know which country it is, it will certainly get them excited for sure!

Should my save the dates match my theme?
It is the first thing that everyone will remember! So why not set the bar now. If you have a set colour in mind, let that colour run though the rest of your planning. NIVI Design has rustic save the date magnets that can accommodate to your theme colour. Remember your save the dates magnets will be reminding them every day if it is seen every day!


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